Pardon the Introduction

What am I doing here?


I realized that I haven’t done an intro post for this blog. I have an about page, but not the official “First post” that I’ve been told every blog should have. So…Hi!

Everyone eventually has to think about why we’re here. No, not Why We’re Here, but why we’re blogging. My journey started a few months ago. I was prompted to start a blog on a new service line at work. You can check that one out here. I also started a personal blog at the same time (that would be this one) essentially to practice. I’ve found that I gravitate to this one more often than my more technical one. Not sure if that is good or not.

A little about the writer

I ride a motorcycle as often as possible. I’ve been bitten by the “health and fitness” bug and I’m in the best shape of my life (not exaggerating). I think I’m funny, you may agree (or maybe not). I’m pretty sarcastic. I like most sports (guy stereotype), and I like to travel, again, as often as possible. This leads to the name of my blog.

I said I like to ride. I used to ride more than I do now. The Company gave me a car to drive and is paying for the gas. Naturally I’m taking advantage of that. I used to be in a club. One of the things that bikers in clubs do is give each other nicknames also called Roadnames. I’m not sure why. It probably has something to do with black leather and greasy jeans. Someone called me Nomad because I couldn’t stay in one place for very long and stay happy. Some things change, but the name stuck. It’s better than some of the other nicknames I’ve had.

I also like to write. I don’t mean in a “English major or “Published writer” way, more of a “Compulsive urge to mess up some perfectly clean white paper by scrawling my chicken scratch across it” way.

Compulsive, that’s a good word for it. I typically write a scattered stream of consciousness and fill books and notepads, and now computer screens with it, and I figure if I keep practicing, I’ll get it right one day

Rock on.


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