About Me

What you have in front of you is a random collection of what has caught my attention at this moment. It may seem like a random hodgepodge. So be it. I’m a 30-something guy, married with kids, who works in the engineering industry, and I ride my motorcycle every chance I get. There is sometimes a method to my madness, but not always.

My basic focus for this is to share my ride (trip, journey, experience…). Sometimes I share seemingly incoherent ramblings. I occasionally have a valid point to make. I think I’m pretty funny. You may (or may not) agree. I was recently told that I have a strange sense of humor, so take warning. I say I love to travel, and I do, but more than that I like to “DO.” Life is a wild crazy trip while we’re on it. I figure I need to experience as much as possible in the time I’m given. I’ll try to share things that inspire me as well.

I’m also sarcastic. This has proven to be a detractor in writing since it’s hard to relate the nuances of tone and inflection through text on a screen. I’ll try to refrain, but I make no promises.

I’m not above saying or writing something over the top just to see what kind of reaction I get. At the same time, I self-censor a lot.


Welcome to my trip. Enjoy the ride.


Questions, comments, or just feel like saying “Hey!” – Visit my Contact Page



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