Wish You Were Here


We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year… – Pink Floyd

I just spent a few days diving in Key Largo. I was a late addition to the group. When I was asked if I would possibly want to go…ABSOLUTELY! It took about 10 minutes after I came home to realize I didn’t miss listening to the boys play Guitar Hero. I woke up this morning and I DID miss the Keys. There’s something about waking up able to walk 100 feet and fall in the ocean. It’s a kind of withdrawal I go through.

Why do I volunteer to chaperone long field trips, sometimes for kids that I know, but aren’t mine? Why did a motorcycle ride from Orlando to Seattle and back sound like a good idea? Why spend 2 weeks wandering around Central America for no better reason than “Why not?” What’s the alternative? Stay home. Go to work. Grow old with no stories to tell. A wise man told me on one of my excursions…

You can sit around and let your arteries harden, or you can go DO something.

…Like swim with sharks.


So go do something, if for no better reason than you’ll have better stories to tell your grand-kids.

Rock on.