What do You Want for Christmas?

Conversation last night with my wife:

SHW: I think I know what I’m getting you for Christmas, but I’m not sure what you want.

Me: I was thinking….. how about 3 months of jiu-jitsu classes?

SHW: ……..I’d much rather get that for you than a new tablet.

Me:   ­čÖé

I know what I’m getting for Christmas!


An open letter to…

To whatever cold, flu, sinusitis, pharyngitis, or other-itus that is trying to dig it’s claws in the back of my throat,

I regret to inform you that I am very busy this week and could not possibly make time for your shenanigans. I appreciate your giving me several days of apparent warning that you are coming, but I can’t possibly take time away from work this week or this weekend to entertain you. I can pencil you in for next Monday afternoon, but I make no promises. Otherwise I’ll continue with triple my normal dose of vitamin C in hopes that you will move on and find someone who had more time to deal with you.

Thank you for understanding. Nothing personal.


Pardon the Introduction

What am I doing here?


I realized that I haven’t done an intro post for this blog. I have an about page, but not the official “First post” that I’ve been told every blog should have. So…Hi!

Everyone eventually has to think about why we’re here. No, not Why We’re Here, but why we’re blogging. My journey started a few months ago. I was prompted to start a blog on a new service line at work. You can check that one out here. I also started a personal blog at the same time (that would be this one) essentially to practice. I’ve found that I gravitate to this one more often than my more technical one. Not sure if that is good or not. (more…)

Placebo Sanity

I was listening to a few podcast interviews today. Joys of┬áspending most of the day behind the wheel every now and then.┬á Heard a┬áneuroscience student talk about how your mental state can affect your level of health, and an author talk about how ┬áEndorphins, Dopamine, Seratonin & Oxytocin (good ole’ neurotransmitters) need to be in balance and that physical activity helps balance them. I’m a firm believer that your level of health can affect your mental state, and I’m not alone in that claim.┬áI know┬áI go pretty nuts if I miss a workout, maybe for more reasons than just neurotransmission, but I can feel the difference now compared to a couple of years ago, when I think I actually said, “I never exercise on purpose.”

It’s amazing what a difference a little brain chemistry can make.




Criminals prefer…credit

Photo by http://www.stockmonkeys.com/ via Flickr.com

We’ve all heard about the security breaches compromising thousands of credit cards in the past few months. I read this Business Journal article recently. I especially liked the quote near the end “Only criminals want to use cash.” Wait a second. Based on the recent breaches of Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, White Lodging, and more, cash is starting to sound better every day, even for us non-criminals.