What have I been doing all this time?

I overslept Friday morning. I’ve said before that I’m not an early riser by choice (which is why I’m writing this at 11:00 pm). Friday morning was rough. Two hits on the snooze, then heard the wife’s alarm sound off. Still not feeling it. Finally looked at my phone and what I thought was fifteen minutes was an hour.

Oh crap!

BUT, I still made it to work on time somehow. I didn’t skip anything getting ready, and still managed to make it in on time.


My big question now is, what the heck do I do on a normal day that takes an hour+ more than I apparently need? I try to give myself some extra time in the morning to account for things like those alarm snoozes and my general distaste for anything pre-dawn, but an hour?

I think I need to streamline my morning routine a little.


YouTube Moto

I uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube this weekend. I don’t ride to work often any more because the company saw fit to assign me a vehicle. There were multiple reasons for the assignment and the timing but hey, I’m not paying gas, tolls, or maintenance for now, so I’ll go with it.

I do go into periods of severe withdrawal from my moto-addiction, so I ride to work anyway sometimes. I picked a Friday. It happened to be a wet Friday afternoon.

The next morning I went to the gym again. On the way home I started thinking that only 16 hours before, I was on the same road, but it was a very different ride.

Ride Safe.

Heart Health & a Little Nervous

I went in for the “Annual blood test” yesterday to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Not really a big deal except for one thing. For the past 15 or so years I’ve had high cholesterol, especially LDL, the bad stuff. I’ve been on statins off and on, mostly on, for at least 10+ years. The more I read about statins, the more I don’t want to be on statins. Besides the side effects,  I’m still in my 30’s (barely) and I face the real possibility of having to pop a pill every day for the rest of my life. I’ve still got a LOT of people left to annoy in this life, so I expect to live for a very long time.

Conference Survival

Conference BannerI recently attended a 3D Imaging conference out of state, and I learned a few things that I’d like to share.

Arrive early. Leave late.

It’s not much fun when you realize at the end of the first day of the conference that, adjusting for time zones, you’ve been up traveling since 1:30 in the morning, and it’s now 10:00 at night. Traveling can take it out of you. Get there a day early to adjust. Likewise, forget the hectic checking out the same day the conference ends. Stay an extra day and enjoy the amenities at the hotel. If your hotel doesn’t have amenities, see if you can scam….I mean, take advantage of some of the on-site relaxation at the conference hotel. One more thing you should do take at least one extra day off for recovery. It’s also recommended to take one day per time zone change to fully recover sleep patterns and kick the jet lag. Since you were probably tied to the office through your smartphone/tablet/laptop/lojack while you were away, you can be sure that the office won’t miss you. It will be like you were never gone. (more…)

Why I Ride

Motorcycle riders are known by many monikers, biker, rider, motorcyclist (probably my least favorite), scooter trash, outlaw, scum bucket, just to name a few. Each brings a different meaning in different context and can be taken as derogatory or as a compliment, depending on who is calling you what. I’ve been told I fall into the biker category, and I guess that’s fine.

I started early

I started riding when I was about 3 or 4 years old I think. Actually my dad was the rider, I was just hanging on. I loved to ride and always wanted my own bike, but money and time (the lack of both) always hindered me. Finally, 9 years ago, I took the class, got licensed, and bought a bike. People used to say stuff like “You’re a little young to be going through a mid-life crisis,” but they didn’t understand. (more…)

Placebo Sanity

I was listening to a few podcast interviews today. Joys of spending most of the day behind the wheel every now and then.  Heard a neuroscience student talk about how your mental state can affect your level of health, and an author talk about how  Endorphins, Dopamine, Seratonin & Oxytocin (good ole’ neurotransmitters) need to be in balance and that physical activity helps balance them. I’m a firm believer that your level of health can affect your mental state, and I’m not alone in that claim. I know I go pretty nuts if I miss a workout, maybe for more reasons than just neurotransmission, but I can feel the difference now compared to a couple of years ago, when I think I actually said, “I never exercise on purpose.”

It’s amazing what a difference a little brain chemistry can make.




Criminals prefer…credit

Photo by http://www.stockmonkeys.com/ via Flickr.com

We’ve all heard about the security breaches compromising thousands of credit cards in the past few months. I read this Business Journal article recently. I especially liked the quote near the end “Only criminals want to use cash.” Wait a second. Based on the recent breaches of Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, White Lodging, and more, cash is starting to sound better every day, even for us non-criminals.

Like Fighting…Only Not

Giving a presentation AKA 15 minutes in the ring

Giving a presentation AKA 15 minutes in the ring

I gave a presentation recently. We went in, bought lunch, and told some folks what we did. Pretty much a sales call, but we weren’t really calling it that.

These Things Freak Me Out.

Even in a practice presentation at home field, I will sweat, stumble over my words, just generally fall deep into that fight or flight response for no good reason. The advice I hear often is, “practice until you’re comfortable.” (more…)